Have you ever tried this quick Evaluation tool to examine a situation when you felt so angry and maybe out of control ?
Have a look at this and see what you think

A = The Antecedent , the activating event ,What do think happened ?

B = Beliefs = What did you tell yourself ? How did you behave ? Think and feel ?

C= Consequence = What was the outcome ?

Were you happy with the outcome ? If not consider looking at the situation in another way, perhaps from another persons perspective (even if you don’t agree).

Would it have made you think and feel differently? Would you have behaved differently ? If so in what way ?

Would that have changed the outcome for the better ?

Just a little tip for the day,

Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website. Here you will find about the range of expat counselling services I offer for individuals, couples and families living in Switzerland, including those in Luzern, Zurich, Basel, Geneva and those further afield in Italy too.

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