As an Expat myself I know how hard it can be at times wanting to find out things and not knowing where to turn either for advice or where to get the item you are looking for.

Firstly before I continue please do take a look at my Blog on here which I will be adding to regularly and the self help page . Also my Facebook which has regular articles for you to have  a look at too  (it would be great if you could like my FB page ).

With the Advent of social media especially Facebook groups there is now a wealth of support out there.

Also through my Client connections all over Switzerland I also know of many places, groups to help you. I decided to start by compiling a list that may help you.

If you cant find what you are looking for, please do message me, I may be able to put you in touch with someone who can provide the service you are looking for.

Anyway here are some groups and organisations that may help you.

Importing Items into Switzerland

This site will give you all the school holidays for your local area

English speaking Alcoholics Anonymous by location in Switzerland

Foreign Embassy’s In Switzerland

Connect with other expats in your city and join local events and groups of interest.

Hello Switzerland A great useful directory online and can be posted to your door


Lugano For English speaking Expats

For Mums and Tots Lugano

Mumpreneurs Bern, Basel, Fribourg, Zurich or the rest of German Speaking Switzerland

English Speaking Mums in Switzerland

Living in Luzern

Zug Lucerne Living and Working

Yahoo Expats-in-Switzerland

English Counselling Switzerland

Geneva Expats

English Speaking Mummies Switzerland

If you are a new business or Sole Trader then take a look at a page I set up to help people , often living here it is hard to get a job as a Trailing partner and you have to reinvent yourself.

Buy Swop Sell Switzerland

Zurich Expats

International School Parent Magazine

Basel Expats


Varese at Home

Expats Living in Rome

Milan International Group

You can dial the following emergency numbers toll-free from any payphone:

What Telephone number
General emergency calls 112 Fire service 118
Police 117 Ambulance 144
REGA (helicopter rescue service) 1414 Vehicle breakdown service 140
Toxicological Institute (in case of poisoning) 145 Toxicological information centre 044 251 51 51
Radio (in case of avalanche) 161.300 MHz (emergency channel) Helpline FDFA from Switzerland: 0800 247365
from abroad: +41 800 247365

A few regulations in Switzerland